Välkommen till Sotenäs Symbioscentrum Vuxenutbildningen

Symbioscentrum called the house where the municipal adult education is implemented. We can provide basic- and upper secondary education, Education in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) and Särvux, collaboration with the Colleges and Commissioned. Fr.o.m. autumn of the year you are 20 years or if you have completed 3 year high school you have the right to study in adult education.

Upper secondary adult education is an option for those who want to supplement your previous high school or need a new skill. You can learn everything from individual courses to entire vocational.

Basic adult
Basic adult education is open to those who have less education than nine years, or who has passed elementary school and needs to complete or repeat a subject for continuing professional- or secondary education.
You can combine basic- with upper secondary education.
Vårt kursutbud hittar du i menyn ovan.


Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) will give newcomers a basic knowledge of Swedish and knowledge of Swedish society. With the new curriculum, it is possible for students to combine courses in SFI with studies in basic and upper secondary education. The training also included training.

Särvux is a separate type of school that caters to adults with developmental disabilities. It follows the same curriculum as secondary school and municipal adult education. Särvux other hand, has its own curriculum and aims to provide knowledge equivalent to those given in special schools and secondary special school national programs.
Contact our counselors Sara Fröberg information and application.

Competence in Sotenäs interact with adult education units in Lysekil and Munkedal. The range of courses offered in these counties, you can search, See each municipality. Applications for courses in another municipality sent to municipality for approval. In the first place you should study in the municipality Sotenäs course offered there.